Saturday, December 01, 2012

I think they should start with the teachers first

There has been a push recently to track individual students while they are at school.  Schools’ Tracking Devices Causes Controversy reports on a school in Austin, Texas which has all students carrying ID cards with an embbed microchip.  The school tracks them every step they take at school.

The article explains:

Starting this fall, all students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School are required to carry identification cards embedded with a microchip. They are tracked by the dozens of electronic readers installed in the schools’ ceiling panels.

Northside has been testing a “radio frequency identification” tracking system for the two schools to increase attendance in order to secure more state funding, officials have said. The program, which kicked off at the beginning of this school year, eventually could be used at all of Northside’s 112 campuses, officials have said. The district is the fourth largest in Texas with more than 97,000 students.

The justification is the ID cards would enable the schools to get more money because they'll be able to document that the children are at school.

I think the teachers should also be required to carry an ID card.  I wonder how many would revolt if the school district even floated this as an option.

Sometimes the best thing to do with a broken system is to simply walk away. 

I hope more parents decide to homeschool their children and not send them to government schools.

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