Thursday, December 13, 2012

Book review: They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie

Most of the Agatha Christie stories I’ve read are murder mysteries.  Someone gets killed early in the story and then the race is on to see if our heroes can gather the clues and unmask the villain. 

They Came to Baghdad is more like a James Bond spy thriller.  Great events are happening.  The reader knows a little but we’re larger in the dark at first.  Very few people are exactly as they seem.  It is about a third of the way through the book before someone dies. 

This is a fun book.  As always Agatha Christie does a great job building characters, providing enough clues that the reader knows some of what is going on, but we don’t have the whole story so there is suspense on just what is going on and will the villains be unmasked.

If you enjoy Agatha Christie and are willing to try something other than the typical murder myster, give this book a try.

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