Thursday, December 06, 2012

Book review: A Call To Arms by Alan Dean Foster

A Call To Arms by Alan Dean Foster is a favorite of mine.  I read it about once a year.  The story isn’t deep or profound, but it is a fun read.  This is the first book in a group of three.

The setting for this book is a universe where two groups of aliens have been fighting for thousands of years.  One group is led by a race (the Amplitur) which has the ability to mentally control most other aliens.  The Amplitur want everyone to join them, meaning being ruled by the Amplitur, for a “Grand and Glorious” purpose.  They are opposed by a second group of aliens, The Weave.   As civilized races no one in either organization likes to fight.  Some races are completely incapable of fighting, as they become paralyzed when considering taking another being’s life.

The Weave stumbles across Earth.  They encounter Will Dulac, a New Orleans composer.  As Will learns about the war he tries to convince The Weave to leave humans alone.  The Weave learns that not only do many humans like to fight, but they are very, very good at it.

If you enjoy a good story in a science fiction setting, give this a try.


Denise said...

Foster is one of my favorite authors, too. But you might want to double-check his name.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

(For those of you who read this later, I had spelled his name as: "Alan Dead Foster.")

Denise said...

Typos are easy to commit and horribly difficult to catch when you read back over a post. :)