Monday, December 03, 2012

A homeschooling success story

My sister’s friend designed a nice outdoor nativity.  She contracted with a company to build the pieces.  Then she and my sister package them up and ship the nativity sets via Federal Express.  Orders have been high the last couple weeks, almost double where they were last year.  But storms have been pounding us.  Much of the packaging takes place in their front yard, so with all the rain few packages have been shipped the last couple days.

Over the weekend my sister asked if my daughters would be interested in helping.  They were!  My second daughter asked how many people could they use.  My sister said they could keep seven or eight people busy, so my daughter put out the word last night to some homeschool friends.  A couple youth were available today and my wife picked them up on the way over. 

I’m pleased that my daughter took the initiative to gather additional help.  I teased her that as an agent she should have taken a small cut of the pay, but the kind young lady she is she declined.  (I’m sure part of it was that she was happy to be making money while hanging out with her friends.)

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is it allows us the flexibility to change our schedule and not be forced to keep our children in a rigid schedule determined by others.

Yeah for homeschooling!


Linda said...

I applaud the flexibility of your homeschool and the initiative of your daughter! I had an incident in the last couple of weeks that also required flexibility. My daugher is in a concert choir and the downtown merchants asked if they would come carolling. It was a business decision for the merchants, but for the kids it required different practices, and time that was not normally choir time. Many of the kids were able to step up and participate. This got them a brunch gig from the high end restaurant in town. Because of all the extra practices, etc, we decided to only do electives for two weeks, keyboard games at, and art and music. While we didn't get a lot of core courses worked on, the experience of these two weeks was priceless. Don't you love homeschool flexibility?!

Henry Cate said...

"Don't you love homeschool flexibility?!"


This morning I'm home with the two boys. My older two daughters are off at a junior college taking a history class and my youngest daughter is babysitting. Janine had a doctor's appointment.

Homeschooling sure lets us do more of the things that are important.