Monday, November 19, 2012

Thoughts about homeschooling and blogging

As the organizer for the Carnival of Homeschooling I try to submit a post each week. Since we started the carnival almost seven years ago my wife and I have only missed a handful. I think we skipped around a dozen carnivals. Typically Monday morning I'll start thinking about a post then write it in the afternoon and submit it just before the 6:00 pm PST deadline.

Today I've been thinking a bit about homeschooling and our blog. We just passed our seven year blog anniversary last month and I completely forgot about it until today. Over the years we've shared our thoughts about homeschooling, education and family. In addition we've tossed in random bits from dozens of other topics. We've written hundreds of thousands of words.

Blogging has been educational for me. I've read other people's thoughts about homeschooling. I've struggled with the fire hose of information the internet provides and consistently wished I had more time. I've learned about HTML and some of the technical pieces of information that drive blogs.

Blogging has helped Janine and I be better homeschoolers. We've been a bit more thoughtful about how we homeschool because we have shared our approach, thoughts and challenges on the blog. We've also learned from many other homeschoolers who blog.

It will be interesting to see if blogging is still a major part of the internet in another seven years. I wonder at times if social media like Facebook will drive blogging to dark corners until it is gone like the dinosaurs?

Whatever the medium I'm sure people will continue to use the internet to share their thoughts and insights into homeschooling and to support others in their struggles.

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