Monday, November 26, 2012

My homeschooling day

I have a niece who is coming tomorrow evening to visit for a couple days.  We’re planning a few trips.  Since I have several days of vacation I’m taking this whole week off.  I’m hoping to catch up on several ignored chores.  So far I’ve only marked off two from my list.

Rarely do I interact much with my children as they do their school work.  My younger two daughters are doing their school work on their own.  My oldest daughter spent the morning at a local junior college in some of our classes.

We have a young foster care boy with us.  This morning I took him and our six-year-old son for an hour walk around the neighborhood.  Monday is garbage day so we saw several garbage trucks.  We followed one for a couple blocks as it picked up over a dozen garbage cans.  We watched water flow down a stream.  We talked with a tow truck driver.  He had run a quick trip home.  I asked why he had a sign on the side of the truck which said “No for hire.”  He explained he doesn’t do rescue, he does repositions. 

Janine often takes the younger children to Sky High on Monday afternoons.  The local Sky High has a homeschooler discount on Mondays.  Today I tagged along. 

Our twelve-year-old daughter loves to play dodgeball.  Our six-year-old son’s strategy is to hang out in the back.  He is constantly moving around.  He has trouble throwing the ball hard enough and accurately enough to nail someone on the other side, but on the flip side he is pretty hard to hit.
My son loves to jump up and land on a side trampoline with his spider-man pose.  This is having his hands and feet touching the wall. 

It has been a pleasant day.  It was fun to hang out with the children for a bit, especially to watch the happy faces of the younger two jumping all over the place.

Now it is back to work.

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