Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Into space for my father, maybe to Mars for my son

We talk a lot about space in my family.  One of my father's dreams is to be able to ride into space.  At the rate private rocket companies are going I think he will make it.  And because we frequently talk about the latest news on space my six-year-old son has said he wants to be a space man.

The possibility of this just got stronger for me today.

Elon Musk has a goal to help start a colony on Mars.  This caught my eye:

The first group of adventurers would include fewer than 10 people, with each paying $500,000 for the ride on a reusable rocket fueled by liquid oxygen and methane.

If the first group or two can make a viable go of it, and if the price really is in that range, I think we'll see a migration similar to the Pligrims and Puritans.  And maybe my son will be one of them.

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