Thursday, November 01, 2012

Good chart showing the exploding costs of government schools

American schools go on utterly insane hiring spree since 1950. Kids shrug, continue to do poorly on tests has a good chart showing the how we have doubled the amount of money per pupil we spend on children while getting no increase in subject mastery. 

The caption explains:

A new study from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice finds that America’s public schools saw a 96 percent increase in students but increased administrators and other non-teaching staff a staggering 702 percent since 1950. Teaching staff, in comparison, increased 252 percent, Reason reports.

If non-teaching personnel had grown at the same rate as student population, American public schools would have an additional $24.3 billion annually. Scafidi’s report concluded that $24.3 billion is equivalent to an annual $7,500 raise per teacher nationwide or a $1,700 school voucher for each child in poverty .

I also enjoyed reading the comments.

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