Thursday, November 15, 2012

Could a college education be free in ten years?

Dan Kadlec shares some interesting thoughts about college education in Why College May Be Totally Free Within 10 Years.  The article starts with:

As few as 10 years from now, quality higher education will be largely free—unless, of course, nothing much has changed. It all depends on whom you believe. But one thing is clear: The debate about financing education grows louder by the day.

Technology had driven down the cost of so many services over the last couple decades.  And services like search and email are free.  I think the cost of higher education can likewise follow Moore's Law, if politics doesn't mess it up.  The current generation may be the last generation to mortgage their future to pay for a Bachelors degree.

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fawad said...

Ys, my college education are completely free in college. that day are very awesome day.

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