Monday, October 22, 2012

The thing about home schooling is it never ends

I asked my oldest daughter for her thoughts about her experience at college.  Here is her response:

The thing about home schooling is it never ends.

Just when you think you are free and the only assignments you have to worry about are from your college professors, you get ambushed with a writing assignment on college from a homeschooler’s point of view.

Now the problem with “home schooler’s point of view” is that I don’t know what might be a “home schooler’s point of view” and what isn’t.

On that note, my college experience is probably a lot like other homeschoolers'. I go to college (bus, yeah!), attend class, go home, and do homework. Some teachers are better than others. Remembering to check the updated syllabus and project assignment online has been a bit hard.

One differences: I have a lot of random knowledge (Greek tragedy anyone?) that no one else seems to have. I don't have a problem being self-driven.

Weird example, my math class's homework is online (MyMathLab, best thing on the planet). Several people in my class have expressed displeasure about this. I love it. It gives you a total of nine tries to get a question right. First you get three tries with the first version of the question. If you get all of those wrong it gives you two more versions of the same problem! It's great. But for some reason the kids in my class don't like MyMathLab. Weird.

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