Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why we should call public schools "Government Schools"

My father sent me a link to a nice article about why we should Call Them Government Schools.

I liked this:

The term “public” has a positive ring, as in “public service” and “the public good.” Pro bono publico is a lovely idea.

The word “government” lacks this gloss. It rarely gives people a warm and toasty feeling.

Thus, the term “government schools” stops people in their tracks. It reminds them why schools run by politicians frequently fail: They are part of the same state that too often robs us blind, delivers poor services, and founders in corruption.

So whenever you can please try to use the phrase "Government Schools."


NerdDad said...

When the term 'socialized medicine' was being used more often, I liked saying that I don't believe in socialized education. It has the added benefit of being a great rebuttal to the perennial question, "Aren't you worried about socialization?"

Henry Cate said...

I like the phrase "socialized education." Thanks for sharing.

Luke said...

"Government schools are not really public schools. They're really private schools run by the teachers' unions."



Henry Cate said...

Yeah, it is a pretty harsh line.