Monday, September 03, 2012

Our first week

Our first week of back to school has gone well.  Here is a brief summary:

Our oldest is attending two local community colleges.  She is taking Concepts of Criminal Justice, Elements and Principles of Interior Design, Intermediate Algebra and U. S. History. She is off to a good start.  She feels comfortable with the material.  In one class she is the only one who has done all the assignments.  Janine and I are pleased that she is on top of her homework and assignments.

Our second and third daughters are really only doing school part time right now.  The distance learning school we use for English and History doesn't go live for one more week.  They have been doing their math. 

We are formally starting our son in school.  Janine is working with him on his words and teaching him to read.  He is reading complete sentences.  I think his reading vocabulary is up to around a hundred words.  Janine is also working on teaching him to write.  Here is Baby Bop getting tactile simulation as he practices his letters:

Note, he is still in his pajamas, as he works on writing the letter "f" in flour.  The flour started off in a pan.  We left him alone and a half hour later the flour was scattered across much of the kitchen floor.


Happy Elf Mom said...

Awww! He's learning though! I'm guessing you do the shaving cream letters on the kitchen table as well. :)

Eddie said...

That's pretty much what happens with flour here, too, but he has such a good time spreading it!

educator said...

Flour or shaving cream works.