Monday, September 10, 2012

Good article: Sacrificing boys to promote girls

I enjoyed Janice Shaw Cruouse's column Sacrificing boys to promote girls.  As the father of three girls I want a society that treat women well, but not at the expense of men.  We should treat both men and women equally and fairly.

The column had some scary statistics:

Data clearly reveal that boys are being left behind, especially when it comes to education. As early as 2000, Christina Hoff Sommers wrote a best-seller, “The War Against Boys,” detailing how the education establishment was making schools more girl-friendly to the detriment of boys. Now, boys are being “expelled” from preschool four times more frequently than girls. More girls than guys graduate from high school (72 percent to 65 percent).

Girls are taking more Advanced Placement classes in high school, and girls dominate as school valedictorians. Boys with lesser qualifications than girls are being admitted to colleges in order to keep gender somewhat balanced among the students. Even with lower admission standards for males, most campuses remain predominantly female, with undergraduate men making up just 43 percent of enrollment. American women have received more college diplomas than men since 1992. One study reports that for every two men, there are three women in college, and women are more likely to be accepted for graduate programs.

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