Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interesting claim: This election will be one of the most important presidential elections ever

The column 'Two-Fer: Election a President and a Surpreme Court' by Clint Bolick is essentially a book review.  A key paragraph is:

In Two-Fer, Bolick provides historical context by assessing the Supreme Court’s record. He finds that over the past two decades, the Supreme Court has lived up to its intended role of curbing government power and protecting individual rights. He also writes that the next president “has the potential to heavily influence the direction of the Court,” particularly because there are currently two conservative justices and two liberal justices who are approaching retirement age. He maintains that if a Democratic president has the opportunity to replace one or two conservative justices, it will sharply tilt the Court to the left and probably be impossible to change that balance for twenty or thirty years. Likewise, if a Republican president gets to replace one or two liberal justices, it could reinforce the Court’s current conservative direction for another generation. Bolick points out that Supreme Court nominations increasingly reflect a president’s ideological stance and that when it comes to the differences in the ways that Republicans and Democrats interpret the Constitution, this can make a big difference in determining which of our rights are preserved or destroyed.

Clint Bolick argues that in this election our vote will strongly influence both the White House and the Surpreme Court. 

My oldest daughter is excited that she'll be voting for the first time this November.  I'll tell her that her vote may count for double.

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