Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm an ENTJ

My mother sent me a link to an online free test for Briggs Myers.

This is a good test to have your children take.

I first took a Briggs Myers test in my early twenties.  I found it fascinating.  This was the first time I really understood how people could be different than me.  For the first couple decades I had this gut feel that if people didn't act like me that they were some how broken.  After taking this test and talking with friends about the test I had a greater appreciation for how people functioned differently.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, ENTJ. I never took a test like this til in my twenties, and apparently INFP is a less typical overall, but especially in the career path I had taken. I was like, ohhhh. No wonder I feel like I don't belong! LOL

A good idea to get my older child to take the test. Thx.

Fatcat said...

it's funny, when I was a kid I had this great memory. I could remember pretty much everything. I thought people who forgot things were crazy or something. How could you forget that?

Now I'm 48 and the times, they have changed. :-)