Monday, June 11, 2012

A few more fun Bollywood movies

We have been watching Bollywood movies for almost a year now.  (You can read the reviews of the first set here.)  Here are reviews of the next set of movies we've watched:

A Wednesday is an action thriller. The movie takes place over just a couple hours. A man calls the police and threatens to detonate four bombs scattered around Mumbai unless four terrorists are released. There was no singing and dancing. It is also a short 103 minutes, but it is well done and moves quickly. The Commissionar of Police is Anupam Kher who was the father in Bride and Prejudice.  It is fun that I'm now recognizing actors from previous movies.  I give this four stars.

Ghajini is a very intense thriller. The hero’s fiancée is killed by mobsters. The hero suffers brain damage and can only remember the last fifteen minutes. He constantly makes notes to himself as he tracks down the mobster. The hero is played by Aamir Khan who starred as the kind nice teacher in Taare Zameen Par, which also he directed. The movie is well done, but very violent. I give it three stars.

Jab We Met (When We Met) is a romantic comedy focused on a rich young businessman. The man is depressed when his mother remarries.  He goes into a daze and randomly boards a train. He meets a young girl who stops him from killing himself. He feels grateful and tries to help her out. She is trying to elope. He accompanies her to the town where her fiancée lives and then leaves her. Later her family comes to him asking where their daughter is. He goes to find her and returns with her.  Shahid Kapoor plays the rich business man.  Shahid also starred in Kismat Konnection.  I give "Jab We Met" three stars.

Jodhaa Akbar is an epic historical drama about a 16th century Muslim Emperor, Akbar the Great, marrying a Hindu Princess.  There is a lot of intrigue and fighting. There is also a lot of singing and dancing. Over the 213 minutes they grow to love each other.   The Emperor is played by Bollywood Megastar Hrithik Roshan.  The Hindu Princess is played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who was in starred in Bride and Prejudice.  I give this one five stars.

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Ha (It’s My Friend’s Marriage) is a romantic comedy about a man who receives a phone from his childhood friend saying she is getting married. The man goes to attend the wedding with the intention of stopping the wedding. The groom recognizes the threat. They both work to win her love. The story is pleasant, but I didn’t enjoy some of the slap stick humor. I give this three stars.

Swades: We, the People stars Shahrukh Kahn. The hero is working at NASA as a project manager. He has been very successful in the United States. He returns to India to find his nanny with the intention of bringing her back to the United States and taking care of her. He finds her in a village. The nanny is part of a small group which is trying to modernize the village. At first the hero just wants to get his nanny to leave with him. Over time he comes to care about the village and starts working to improve it. Shahrukh was also in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Chak de India . I give Swades four stars.

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (A Little Love, A Little Magic) is sort of a Indian version of the Mary Poppins story. A young man grows up losing those he loves. He is rich, but lonely. One evening he is driving and using his cell phone, and thus being distracted he accidently kills a husband and wife. The judge sentences him to look after their four children. The children know that if they can get him to mistreat them the man will go to jail. So they try to provoke him. The first couple days don’t go well. They children pray to God and God sends one of his angels. Things get better.  I give this four stars.

I watched all of these on Netflix streaming. 

For more suggestions you can check out my previous set of Bollywood reviews.


Jean said...

We have also enjoyed some of those! A great funny movie is Bunty Aur Babli, but it helps if you watch the classic Sholay first. Sholay is one of the biggest hits ever; it's a 'curry Western' story, kind of like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Great stuff.

I love Jab We Met.

Sue said...

When doing our Unschooling Blog Carnival, I ran across this link for Bollywood's Top Ten Father's Day Songs. Thought you and your family might enjoy them!

Henry Cate said...

Jean - Thank you for the suggestions.

Sue - that was fun. After watching the video I realized there are many Top Ten, Top 40, Top 50 and so on Indian lists. I spent over an hour lookinng around for other interesting Indian movies.

Anonymous said...

i love amir's Gajini movie and looking his more thriller movie in this year.
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