Monday, May 07, 2012

Life goes on

We have blogged several times about how homeschooling provides great flexibility.  This week we have another example.  Over the weekend we moved back into our house!  Saturday was a long day.  We are grateful for the family and friends who showed up to help us move out of the apartment.

It has been wonderful to be back in our home.

But we are not completely settled in yet.  There are still many disruptions.  We still have over hundred boxes to unpack.  And we can’t do anything with about half of them because the contractor isn’t done yet.  He still needs to build a set of shelves in the garage and the pantry.  Another challenge we’re working around is not having internet access; our DSL line is still being setup.

Since we homeschool it is easy for us to adjust and keep moving forward.  Janine has used our daughters as her minions to bring order out of chaos.  They will spend several hours each day this week cleaning up the house, sorting through the boxes and putting stuff away. 

Our daughters will continue to learn some important lessons about hard work and how to maintain a house. 


Eddie said...

Minions - I love it! I'm going to start calling our that instead of "slave labour". :)

Congratulations on being back in your house!

Jessica said...

Hi, as I had a weak knowledge about home schooling but I eager to know much more about the home schooling. After reading this blog I got some better knowledge about home schooling and now I can say it has got many advantage too.
Thanks a lot for sharing it.

Henry Cate said...

Eddie - I'm glad you enjoyed the term!

Jessica - Thank you for the feedback!

Jessica said...


Thanks for this post. I was actually wanting to know more about homeschooling, and your post has made it very clear. Actually am new to the city and i have a daughter who needs special kind of education.Am finding it difficult to make her adjust to a private school. So,may be i can look for a tutor who is aware of homeschooling and can teach my daughter.

Henry Cate said...

Jessica - I hope you have been successful in your quest to find a tutor.

Normally homeschool refers to when parents teach their children. Depending on your situation you might try homeschooling your daughter.