Monday, April 09, 2012

A little accountability

Over the last 13 years, I've tried a dozen different ways to track our homeschool activities. Honestly speaking, none of the check lists have worked all that well for us.

At times, I've spent hours each week on lessons planning and creating binders for each child. That didn't work all that well for us either.

Sometimes I didn't track it at all.

My last attempt has met with mild success (though it may be too soon to tell). I've gone to a monthly spread sheet posted on the wall that tracks each category (Math, English, Science, PE, Foreign Language, Chores, Music, Art, and Other).

The thing that I like is that I can see and more easily track progress from day to day, as well as week to week at a glace. By placing each new sheet on top of the prior month, I can glance back to see month to month progress (or lack there of). I only have to print out one blank spread sheet per month per child.

It is flexible, not time consuming, and easy for me to see how each child is progressing.

(When my kids saw me taking pictures of their homework logs, you should have heard the panic in their voices. "What are you doing?" "You're not going to post that are you?" "I want you to know that I had a fever last week.")

A little accountability is a good thing.

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Fatcat said...

I have found over the years that I also need a chart on the wall that I can check things off on. None of the other systems worked for me either. :-)