Thursday, March 15, 2012

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up - to those who homeschool because of illness

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is being hosted at Notes From A Homeschooled Mom.

The carnival starts with:

Hi and Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling at Notes from a Homeschooled Mom. I am have homeschooled for nearly a decade now and am near the end of the journey with my children. You may have noticed I have recently changed my blog name. It was a simple change of one word: Homeschooling to Homeschooled. The reason for the change is that I now know that I wasn't just teaching my kids, they were teaching me all along. Homeschooling has made me braver, stronger, more opinionated, and less afraid of expressing those opinions. Homeschooling has also taught me to face life standing up and not to let it mow you down.
This is one of those weeks when I would have refused to get out of bed ten years ago. I have experienced a loss of a precious niece, and will be heading home tomorrow for a few days to be with family. But like I said, homeschooling has taught me to keep standing and keep going, and in that vein, I present this Carnival in the memory of my niece Candace Barnes who was forced to homeschool the last few years of her education because she was unable to go to school a great deal of the time. While I am sorry for her death, I am grateful for her life and the short lives of other family members who had been struck with the same affliction.

Carnival of Homeschooling

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