Monday, March 05, 2012

Space Access 2012 will be held April 12 to 14

Our long time readers may remember I enjoy attending Space Access

I like my brother's explanation of Space Access as “There are lots of people thinking about getting into space. There are lots of people who talk about getting into space. Space Access is run by people who are doing the work.” It is attended by entrepreneurs and people looking for practical steps to moving into space.

It has the feel of Silicon Valley in the late 1970s.  Much of the big technology companies were scattered across the United States, and across the world.  Yet dozens of people like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were working in their garages to rapidly push technology into new areas like the personal computer.  They changed the world.

Space Access has the same types of people.  Many of they are also working out of their garages and are rapidly pushing technology. And I think they will also change the world.

If you enjoy learning about the latest breaking news on privates efforts to get into space look into attending Space Access this year.  It will take place next month, April 12-14, at the Grace Inn in Phoenix Arizona.

I'll be attending with my father, a brother and one of my daughters. 

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