Saturday, February 04, 2012

Good explanation of how a differential gear works

This is an understandable explanation of how a differential gear works:

Jump to 1:50 to get to the instructional part of the video.

Hat tip: The Libertarian Homeschooler


English grammar said...

A differential is a device, usually, but not necessarily, employing gears, capable of transmitting torque and rotation through three shafts, almost always used in one of two ways: in one way, it receives one input and provides two outputs—this is found in most automobiles—and in the other way, it combines two inputs to create an output that is the sum, difference, or average, of the inputs.

Cindy said...

I figured it would be appropriate to leave a message about gears since my son, Elder Gaddis, is a builder-type that loves this kind of thing. What a nice thing for him to run into a fellow LDS homeschooler! Thanks for letting me know (he did, too). He's funny that way about thinking something is "weird." LOL!
-Cindy (Elder Gaddis' mom)

Luke said...

That's really cool. I hadn't thought about that before. I appreciate the way they built the explanation piece by piece so I was able to follow each step of the way.


Henry Cate said...

Cindy - we've enjoyed getting to know your son. He is a good guy.

Luke - yes they did a great job in explaing the basics.