Monday, January 02, 2012

Nice reminder that simple acts of kindness can be powerful

Good video:

Hat tip: A Life Full of Days


Jay said...

I have been looking through some of your old posts on TED talks as I want my children to start watching them.

1) Do you have a list of talks that you've suggested that your children watch?

2) How do you deal with children's email addresses? I'm contemplating creating email addresses for my children so I can communicate with them while I'm at work (send links, etc), but my oldest is only 10.

Henry Cate said...

Jay, I apologize for taking so long to respond. I've been distracted by some local politics.

I do have a Google spreadsheet of TED talks I have asked my children to watch. I'll create a post with a list of my favorites.

We haven't let our childre have email addresses until they are 11 or 12. We reserve the right to read their email. Another option you might consider is setting up a Skype account for them. My 11-year-old loves to Skype with me.

Henry Cate said...

Here's my list of TED Talks:

Henry Cate said...

Oh, this is easier, just click on this: My list of TED Talks