Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think the answer is NO!

Do Failing Schools Deserve a Second Chance? makes the argument that just because a school is in the dumps and children aren't learning that we shouldn't close the school. 

After all "A school building does not cause low achievement."

The claim is that transfering students to another school doesn't always prompt better performance and better education.

But if a school has been consistently destroying the lives of the students, then we have a known quantity, and I would take the chance of improvement over a hope that some day the school will improve.  A broken school has a broken culture.  It is almost impossible for a few good teachers to come in and turn a poorly functional school around.

Hat tip: Waiting for "Superman"


Happy Elf Mom said...

Ack! No! Keep their school open!

We're facing that VERY THING in Kansas City as KCSD becomes unaccredited. Next year we could be inundated with SCADS OF KIDS FROM THE HOOD in our district.

I sure don't want 'em sucking up limited resources from my children and causing havoc and ruining my property values. The few kids I've seen move from that area speak along the lines of, "What a C look like?" Ok, imagine that utterance WITHOUT consonant sounds and you about have it.

My gracious, man. Please say you favour closing schools but not shifting these children to OTHER schools and bringing THEM down as well. :(

Henry Cate said...

I've thought some about this and I don't know what the right answer is.

Well, other than most children should be homeschooled. :-)

I do think really bad schools should be closed down. But then where do you put the children?