Monday, November 14, 2011

Good article about the benefits of homeschooling

How to Raise Your Child’s ACT Score and College GPA starts off talking about how so few graduates from public high schools are ready for college. The article has this startling line:

Across America, 75 percent of high schoolers will need one or more remedial classes before they are ready for college.

I had known it was bad, but I hadn't realized it was this bad.

Then the article points out that homeschoolers do not have the same problem.  It reports on a study done by Michael Cogan.  CBS News listed some of the findings of Mr. Cogan's study:

Homeschool students earned a higher ACT score (26.5) versus 25.0 for other incoming freshmen.
Homeschool students earned more college credits (14.7) prior to their freshmen year than other students (6.0).
Homeschooled freshmen were less likely to live on campus (72.4%) than the rest of the freshmen class (92.7%).
Homeschoolers were more likely to identify themselves as Roman Catholic (68.4%).
Homeschool freshmen earned a higher grade points average (3.37) their first semester in college compared with the other freshmen (3.08).
Homeschool students finished their freshmen year with a better GPA (3.41) than the rest of their class (3.12).
The GPA advantage was still present when homeschoolers were college seniors. Their average GPA was 3.46 versus 3.16 for other seniors.
Homeschool students graduated from college at a higher rate (66.7%) than their peers (57.5%).
It is a good article.  And the comments are also pretty positive.


sophica said...

If question goes this way,

"Is it better to homeschool your child?"

Then my answer is ""YES"". I'm mom for three kids one in 8th grade and other in 5th whereas my younger kid is elementary. I was scared on seeing the score card of my second child. He got very low scores. I mean really low. Then i followed my friends advice. stopped children public school education and entered them into homeschooling on Now they are fine with their studies.

Henry Cate said...

I'm glad homeschooling is working for you. I really think most children would do better away from the destructive public schools we have today.