Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ask a question

This article from the New York Times solicited a bunch of comments with a similar theme.

The article asked students to reply to the following question:

Would you like to be home-schooled, whether abroad or where you live now, or would you prefer to go to a traditional school? What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks to home-schooling?

No I would not like to be home-schooled. I don’t think you learn as much and get the skills needed to survive in the real world. One of the huge real world skills is being able to socialize and when you’re home-schooled you don’t really get any social activity. Therefore, you really wouldn’t have many friends and it would be hard to apply for a job and speak well at an interview.

— Jacob H

In my opinion, i would never turn to home schooling. When you are home schooled, you automaticly loose the whole social experience of school. In the real world you need to be social. Otherwise you’re going to get know where....I would never home school my child because I would be holding them back from friends and the social life they will need in the feature. I would never even consider home schooling.

— Macie P.

My best friend is home schooled and is doing good. I think that home schooling is not as good when it comes to the real world because it doesn’t give you the human interaction that you need to succeed in life with. it might better than public schools because they can learn what they want and not what they don’t want to learn.

— Gage T

In my opinion, I am not in favor of home schooling. I think that it is important for a student to attend a regular school. This is because it will allow them to become more prepared for the real world. For example, it will allow them to work either by themselves of within a group of people. It will teach students important social skills that they will need late in life, such as making friends or learning how to compromise with others....

— Mike D.

I believe that home-schooling doesn’t prepares children and teenagers for the ” Real world”. It doesn’t let children that chance to be in a social community with more kids or people. I think Home-schooling has his dos and dont’s.

— Ilenia P

I think home schooling can be benificial to the children but then its not always. Homeschooling wont really prepare the children for the world because they are not around many people and I think going to a traditional school is better because they will be more used to other people and the world or learning and with with others. I think the children would miss out on social skills and learning because all depending on the teacher depends on what the children learns.

— Eileen

I could go on, but they mostly all said the same essential thing: Homeschoolers don't have any friends and aren't prepared for the "real" world. I will have to let my children know when they get home from band, soccer practice, community college, babysitting, play practice, church, a friend's house, co-op, or choir practice.

I find it interesting how peer dependent most of the respondents sounded. I hope more homeschooled youth respond and set them straight.


abba12 said...

Not to mention incorrect spelling and grammar ;) Some of those sentences are so awkwardly phrased!

Idaho Dad said...

My son is homeschooled and has no close friends. But that's his personality. If he was in public school, he'd probably still have no close friends. Just like me when I was his age.

People don't understand that some kids just don't care about socialization.

term paper writers said...

probably be difficult to answer this question .....

Robert M. Lindsey said...

I notice none of them mentioned "character" in relation to the Real World. Or actual education, which might help one do well.

Sarah Thompson said...

Second all of the above comments and adding that none of these kids has any clue what the "real world" is like. It would be funny if it weren't so sad just how UNprepared they are going to be.

Janine Cate said...

That is the ultimate irony. The segregated little bubble of high school has little similarity to the real world, except for prison.

kat said...

We just started sending some of our children to the public school for supplemental classes (art and gym). They are having a great time in the only classes where socializing is allowed. As a result, we have had more conversations this week about "why we homeschool" than in our previous 8 years of homeschooling.

"Mommy and Daddy want you to have a academically excellent Catholic education. That is why we teach you at home."