Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Review of the movie Mao's Last Dancer

Almost twelve months ago I read about Mao's Last Dancer.  This summer we got the DVD and I watched it with my three daughters.  I was blown away, so then the next day I watched it with Janine. 

It is a great story, a true story, of a young man growing up in Communist China who gets a taste of freedom and then risks it all to be free.  It is a powerful message and a good reminder of just how blessed most of us are.  It is also a very professional and well told.

Li Cunxin was only eleven when party officials took him from a little village to a ballot school in Beijing.  For the next seven years he lived ballot.  He never saw his family.  Then Li went to Texas to dance as part of a cultural exchange program.  He was blown away as he realized the Chinese government had lied and as more importantly as he tasted freedom.

Janine read the book and says it is also very well done.

If you like good clean well done movies, then check it out.

Here is a trailer for the movie:

And here is an interview with Li Cunxin:

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