Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oops, I forgot to file our R4

I was a bit tardy this year filing our Private School Affidavit. I filed this morning. Technically, I think we were supposed to file by October 15th.

Last year, we barely filed in time.

Our confirmation number was over 112,000. Last year we came in at nearly 98,000. I'm guessing there were a few last minute or late filers like me.

In my circles, about half of my homeschool friends file the Private School Affidavit and about half use an independent study programs through the public school. In our area, there is a fairly well run program that looks very inviting. However, I like the flexibility that comes with being outside the public school system.

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Ami said...

If you look at NM stats, it probably looks like most families home school for one or two years and quit. Mainly because, after carefully registering the first year or so, many families realize two things in quick succession:

1. They missed the deadline for this year, and
2. Nobody has ever asked for their confirmation number or checked to see if they have registered, so why sweat it?

While it would be nice to have more support for home schoolers here, it is also nice to have basically no interference!