Monday, October 03, 2011

A benefit to homeschooling - going your own pace

I asked my youngest daughter today what she liked about homeschooling.  She said one of the things she really liked it being able to go her own pace.  At eleven-years-old there are times when she wants to do some of the stuff her older sisters, ages fifteen and seventeen, are doing.  But other times she is happy to do more age appropriate activities. 

For example often she would watched the history videos her sisters were studying.  It was exciting for her to learning the same stuff her sister were learning.  Having older sisters have given her opportunity to stretch.

This process has also extended to our five-year-old son.  When my youngest daughter is doing math sometimes he will want to do school so my daughter will give him simple problems to solve.

I am glad my children can move as fast as they are ready and not have to march to the same beat thirty other children are foced to march.


Kimberly said...

I agree with you completely!! I and my children are enjoying this time of togetherness. This is our first year, and we are all learning so much together, and at the pace needed for us all.

AmandaPanda said...

Amen to that! Going at her own pace means my daughter can take any extra time she needs to truly grasp a concept, which is something I wish I had when I went to school. It also means that in areas where she is strongest, she can move ahead and not have to wait for her peers. It works both ways :) Way awesome. -Amanda

Nancy said...

Certainly, having children learn at their own speed is one of the many benefits of homeschooling. They aren't alike-each child is a person in their own right.

Sursum Corda,


AOsher said...

Thank you for posting this article.

As a mom that is new to homeschooling, it has been challenging at times. I am constantly reading homeschooling blogs to soak in some tips from the more experienced :) Sometimes I find it challenging, but am so glad that I can do this for my daughter!

I have a 5th grade daughter that has had problems staying focused so I am trying to help her manage everything. I know she’s just overwhelmed as I am. One thing that has helped recently is that a friend of mine that also homeschools, introduced me to this online task management system that works for me and my daughter. It’s called Productive Balance. It is greatly helping to help keep my daughter on track with not only her school work but other areas as well – chores, activities, etc. I work with my daughter each week to set up her “Session” for that week and she checks off the tasks when she completes them. The best thing is that I, as her sponsor receives an email notifying me when she’s done. It’s been great!!! She enjoys seeing her progress and I get a more organized child that I can award at the end of each week based on what she completes. Awesome, Awesome online tool!!! If anyone is having the same struggles as me, I highly recommend – and it is free! The website is Best luck to all the awesome homeschooling moms and their kiddos!

Henry Cate said...

Kimberly / Sam - You raise another great benefit to homeschooling. Siblings who are homeschooled tend to be closer. Too many children are taught in public schools that they should only hang out with children their own age.

Amanda - Exactly! It is cool when one or our daughters recognizes they need some more time and go back over the material.

Nancy - The flip side is public schools tend to treat children as all the same.

AOsher - One of the things I really like about the homeschooling community is how supportive they are. If they find a good thing they share! Good luck with your daughter.