Monday, September 26, 2011

If you are considering homeschooling, give it a try

Janine and I have been homeschooling for over twelve years.  But we are only about half way through our journey as our youngest will be starting next year.

Our oldest offspring is wrapping up her last year of homeschooling. She is transitioning into college by taking three classes at two of the local junior colleges. She is enjoying the classes and seems to be doing well. After only a month she has demonstrated that she is mastering the material.  (Recently one of her teachers asked if anyone in the class, except our daughter, knew the answer!)

In looking back over the last twelve years I am so grateful we took the step into the unknown and tried homeschooling. Janine and I are very pleased with how our children are turning out. We have escaped most of the drama that often accompanies teenage girls. They have a solid education. They are respectful to us. And they are kind to each other, most of the time.  I don't have any big worries about them.

In Matthew chapter 7, verses 18 and 20 Christ tells us:

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

I have been very happy with the fruits of homeschooling. I encourage you to try out homeschooling.  I think homeschooling is a better option for most children.   By any objective measure I'm aware of public schools are getting worse and worse. 

Homeschooling can be scary.  Large number of people in America still think it is wrong, but the number is getting smaller each year as more and more people giving homeschooling a try and then never look back.

If you are considering homeschooling you might want to read my wife’s post on Is homeschooling right for you?   And here are some basic steps on getting started.

6 comments: said...

We are fairly certain we will be homeschooling. We're not sure how long. But homeschool we'll be part of the plan for some time when it comes to how we educate our kids.

Scott Ross said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging testimony!

Clara @A Slice of Homeschool Pie said...

Enjoyed reading your post. I am so thankful to be blessed to homeschool and although not always easy, I've not regretted it once.

Stopping by from the carnival - 300.

Linda said...

I did not want to homeschool when we started, I was of the opinion that homeschooling was "bad", after all, how would my daughter learn to stand quietly in lines, and wait her turn? Then it became the only option, I found a great curriculum that eased many of my personal worries (we still use Time4Learning after almost 5 years), and I have discovered that homeschooling is a great and wonderfully wild ride! Wouldn't change it for the world! The one thing I would say to those who are hesitant to begin...nothing is forever...try homeschooling, commit to one have little to lose and the rewards can be amazing! Thanks so much for offering this post. said...

Classroom sizes are so large these days, it's a wonder the teachers can even teach. Some people are having to pay for bus trip to and from school. Cutbacks on funds to the schools are starting to show hardships. Homeschooling is starting to catch on for many reasons. Looks as though many of you are enjoying the results.

Henry Cate said...

Justyns35 - Good luck. I think you will be happy that you homeschool your children. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Scott - You are welcome.

Clara - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really do think homeschooling is best for most children.

Linda - I'm glad homeschooling has worked out for you. One of the things that Janine and I fine sad is how many people try homeschooling for a year or two and then give up.

Judith - It seems that public schools just keep getting worse year after year; moreover, year after year more parents turn to homeschooling.