Monday, August 08, 2011

I wonder if a TSA agent is going to kill someone some day?

Janine is diabetic.  She needs insulin to live. 

Recently TSA agents took away insulin from a woman.  She had all the proper notes from her doctor.  TSA rules allow people to take insulin on flights.  Janine has successfully done this in years past, when we were still flying. 

Over the last couple years the TSA has taken an increasely paranoid attitude towards people flying.  Now we have these nude scanners and the agressive pat downs.  And TSA agents are taking away insulin from people whose life depends on the insulin. 

Pregnant Woman Says TSA Agents 'Confiscated' Her Insulin:

The woman, a frequent flyer, did not want to be identified for news reports for fear of retaliation but recounted her experience to

"He's like, 'Well, you're a risk.' I'm like, 'Excuse me?' And he's like, 'This is a risk ... I can't tell you why again. But this is at risk for explosives,'” the woman told the channel. (She eventually managed to sneak a small amount of insulin past security, she said.)

She told the channel that when she started to ask for TSA agents’ names, they “scattered” and “left me crying at the TSA checkpoint.”

TSA agents have been widely criticized for what many in the public perceive as an abuse of power. And TSA appeared to have made some efforts to assuage concerned passengers.

The TSA claims their agents only wanted to make sure the insulin was packed in ice. 

I'm not sure I trust the TSA on this issue.

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