Monday, August 29, 2011

Homeschool to College - Part 2

My head is still spinning as I mention in Homeschool to College.

Last night, I attended a presentation from a private religious college my daughter is considering. The price is right but the location is not our first choice. (However, it is still 3 times more expensive that the local community college options).

The main speaker made a point of distinguishing between "going to college" and "being a college student." He listed off the characteristics of "being a college student" that included "asking the appropriate questions to the appropriate person at the appropriate time."

This was comforting to me. Homeschooling can help create life long learners. My kids are good students, but not flashy. My oldest daughter (who is already taking classes at the community college) is definitely ahead in the "being a college student" category.

The university spokesmen also made a point that students need to pick a major from the beginning even though the average student changes his major 3 times. The sooner the student starts down an academic path, the sooner he will find out it is the right or wrong path. Waiting until your Junior year to declare a major makes it that much harder when you figure out it doesn't fit during your Senior year. Better to do in the freshmen year.

This concept helped me a great deal. I'm not feeling near as stress as I was last week.

For now, my daughter is applying to this college as a back up plan. Her current plan is to attend the local community college and then transfer to the local university, a state university, or a private religious university to get a Bachelors Degree. She is on the waiting list to take the introduction class to her chosen major (Interior Design). Hopefully, she will discover if it is a good fit before she officially starts her Freshman year at college.


Fatcat said...

Hey, have you all looked at StraighterLine? They've got the freshman year in its entirety for 1000 dollars.

Janine Cate said...

I hadn't heard of them before. Do you know how well the credits are accepted at other universities? Their program looks a little new.

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