Monday, August 08, 2011

Have you used Doodle?

I changed jobs about six months ago.  There is a group of us from the previous job who try to get together every couple months for lunch.  Typically this is a real hassle.  Lots of emails fly around.  Is this day good for everyone?  No?  How about this day? 

Doodle greatly simplyfies the job!

Last week I picked eleven days that were good for me.  I created a survey on Doodle.  I sent out an email to the group.  Everyone filled out the survey.  We found one date that worked for 13 of the 16 people.  It was probably the best we have every done.

If you are trying to select a time that works well for a large group, go check out Doodle.


Jay said...

I have used WhenIsGood before. It allows users to "paint" times that they are available. Just a little more intuitive than clicking check boxes.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for the suggestion.