Friday, July 08, 2011

I'm back, again

Blogging has been light the last couple weeks.  I limit myself to about an hour a day.  With all the other demands in my life I don't want to spend hours each day blogging.  (As much fun as that would be.)

Lately I've been involved in starting up a Toastmasters club.  We got it off the ground a couple weeks ago.  Currently we have about ten strong members.  A good club normally has over twenty.  Recently I've been contacting many businesses close by to invite our neighbors to join us.  So I've been spending an hour a day.  I can hand out five to ten flyers each time. 

One interesting thing, so far I've handed out more than fifty flyers.  Yet no one has showed up as a result of the flyers.  All the people who have come to the club came because I or the President of the club knew them personally and invited them. 

The lesson learned is that when you are trying to recruit people for some activity it is fine to cast the news out into the wild.  You will probably get some response, but it is much, much better to think who you know personally and invite them.

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Judy Aron said...

Mike and I have been Toastmasters for years - we have a wonderful club here in West Hartford. We've been to the conferences too - great fun. You will definitely get a lot out of this program. great organization!