Monday, July 11, 2011

I think the answer is NO!

Bill Turner reviews many of the recent abuses by the TSA and then asks Does the U.S. Need the TSA Now?

I think the answer is NO!  We don't need patting down of six-year-old girls or elderly grandmothers in wheelchairs.  We don't need TSA agents being hostile to passengers when the passengers express frustration at how long the proces takes.  We don't need American Citizens being treated like they are all criminals. 

For all of the abuse we've suffered from the TSA they haven't caught a single terrorist.

There are better ways.  Get rid of the TSA and create an agency like the one Isreal has which allows profiling.

Hat tip: Boycott Flying


Jay said...

I think the goal here is deterrence as much as "catching terrorists"

Henry Cate said...

The problem is we can't take the TSA in isolation. Everything they do has costs. There are trade offs. I don't believe we need to treat 79-year-old grandmothers in wheelchari like they were criminals, or subject males or females to what is borderline sexual abuse.

Other countries have more effective ways to deal with the terrorist problem.