Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish me luck

I was in a Toastmasters club for six or seven years at my previous company.  There isn't a convenient Toastmasters club near my new company, so today I'm having a kickoff meeting to start a new club.

Wish me luck.


abba12 said...

Is it for a coporate club? I'm told toastmasters in America is very coporate based, we have local clubs that anyone can attend for the most part here.

Good luck with the meeting!

Henry Cate said...

It really is a community club supported mostly by people from two businesses. We're open to everyone. In fact my wife joined and then a neighbor tagged along with Janine and she has decided to join.

It looks like the club is doing well. We had a first evaluation club contest and Janine came in second!