Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Homeschoolers succeed

Jay P. Green reviews a new book in his post One of the Best Education Books I’ve Read. He starts with:

And I’ve read quite a few. The book is Barker Bausell’s “Too Simple to Fail: A Case for Educational Change”, which just came out from Oxford University Press. Bausell was a biostatistician and professor for many years at the University of Maryland, but he started out in graduate school doing some fascinating educational experiments that showed the irrelevance of teacher training. He brings the perspective of a brilliant outsider.

His main thesis: that the only thing that improves education is spending more time on instruction at a given child’s level. In his words:

All school learning is explained in terms of the amount of relevant instructional time provided to a student

I bolded the third paragraph.

This is why homeschoolers do so well.  By going one-on-one with our children we can spend more time with our children at an appropriate level.  Public school teachers can never hope to manage the number of hours we can spend with our children one-on-one each week compared to the number of minutes they can spend.

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