Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sad news of the day

Janine and I had known each other for over a year before we even thought about dating.  For a long time she wasn't that interested in me, though she did think my house had potential.  I thought Janine was cute but I was chasing a few other women at the time.

Janine was providing technical support and she was encouraged to take a C programming class.  She says she went to class the first day and didn't understand a word the teacher said.  Some guy at work told her she could skip the introduction to programming and thus there were a number of concepts she had never heard of before. 

I offered to help her.  Neither of us remembers exactly how it worked out, but the first tutoring session was at Marie Calendars.  I think her best time was during my dinner time.  I had fond memories of Marie Calendars.  Growing up my grandparents often took us to a Marie Calendars restaurant about 30 miles from their ranch.  I love their pies.  Janine and I spent a lot of evenings together studying C.  It was a hard topic for her, so we "had" to spend hours working on the concepts and the homework.  And I'm pretty sure we returned back to Marie Calendars for some of these study sessions since it was close to her apartment.

Marie Calendars became a place we returned to often for anniversaries.  And since we submitted birthday cards for our children we frequently go back now to also celebrate birthdays.

So it was with a heavy heart this morning that I read Marie Calendars filed for bankruptcy.  I hope they are able to survive.  I would love to have dinner with Janine around our fiftieth anniversary at a Marie Calendars.

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