Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice video about the benefits of homeschooling

The video Homeschool: Propaganda Vs. Reality (Shattering the myths) has a number of fun statistics, facts and quotes about homeschooling. 

Here were two of my favorites:

"Home school students watch much less televsion than students nationwide; 65% of home school students watch one hour or less per day compared to 25% nationally."

A reason why homeschoolers do better is they aren't wasting their time filling their brain with mindless junk.

Dr. Gary Knowles, the University of Michigan, studied home educated adults and found:

"None were unemployed and none were on welfare, 94% said home education prepared them to be independent persons, 79% said it helped them interact with individuals from different levels of society, and they strongly supported the home education method."

This one surprised me.  I don't remember hearing of any study between unemployement and homeschooling.  Maybe the answer to the current depression is to ask more parents to homeschool their children.

Here's the video:

Hat tip: Miazagora on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

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Henry Cate said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it.