Friday, June 10, 2011

Good post about the value of a classic education

A Cornucopia of Classical Homeschoolers! By Hal and Melanie Young Partner Post starts with:

David Farragut was a midshipman when he was made the prize master of a captured British vessel. As he sailed home with his skeleton crew, the British captain escaped, set free his crew, and tried to retake his ship. Farragut led the fight to recapture them and successfully brought the prize to home port. He was 12 years old.

When we first read stories like that from American history, we wondered why young men seemed so capable and mature in the early days of our country. We wanted our children to have the kind of education our nation’s heroes did—a classical education.

We’ve homeschooled from a classical perspective for seventeen years, long before most of the current books, curricula, or classes were offered. The classical method of education was the traditional way to pass on Western civilization before public schools were redesigned to try and remake children into interchangeable “human resources.”

I think most children are handicaped by the poor education they receive in government schools.  Could you imagine a generation which was allowed to develop to their full potential?

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