Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another reason what public schools are failing

Too often teachers feel it is their right and responsibility to change how the students think.

3rd Graders Indoctrinated in School Budgeting by Milwaukee Teacher is another classic example of how rather than spend time on teaching children how to read and write a teacher wastes the studens' time trying to teach them about "social justice" which means to think like the teacher.
Maybe we shouldn't be calling people like this teachers but something like "brain washers."

Hat tip: Deputy Headmistress


abba12 said...

I remember regularly as a student being forced to participate in protests organised by the school or classroom. The most controversial was the time we performed a play based on the fact that public schools dont get as much funding from the federal government as private schools (but got far more from state government, long story, our system here in australia is so totally different). When the parents found out, some, who understood the actual situation with education finances, were quite irate.

Henry Cate said...

Good for the parents!

I'll bet that many of the teachers felt that organizing the children to help raise money "for the schools" was reasonable and they were surprised that anyone would mind.