Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TSA "only" pats down three percent of the passengers

The article Homeland security chief stresses that "very, very, very few people" get hands-on treatment at U.S. airports security examines the claim that few people get pat downs.  They contacted the TSA and found "only" three percent get pat-downs.

This is a one in 33 chance of getting a pat-down, which recently has come to be an aggressive pat-down.  If anyone but a TSA agent did this, they would be sued for sexual harassment.

The article goes on to state that each month 60,000 people get the pat-downs.  Maybe over time as more and more people receive "the treatment" the concern and outrage will increase to the point Congress will finally rein in the unacceptable behavior of the TSA.

Hat tip: Boycott Flying

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