Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is sad, Diane Ravitch may not be a reliable historian

Over the years I've blogged several times about Diane Ravitch.  I was really impressed by her book Left Back: A Century of Battles over School Reform.  The book reveals that the "public education experts" flip flop following the latest fad of the day, changing course every three to five years.  I've recommended the book several times.

I may now be a bit slower to recommend the book.

Jay P. Greene writes about a recent event that raises the question of Diane Ravitch, Unreliable Historian?

Diane wrote about an exchange she had with Lincoln Chafee and claims Lincoln insulted Diane.  Unfortunately other people at the exchange said the conversation was useful, productive and there was no rudeness. 

Jay concludes with:

There are good reasons to doubt Ravitch’s credibility. First, the statement from Governor Chafee contradicts Ravitch’s account even though he has no particular motive to do so. Second, Ravitch clearly has an inflated ego, thin-skin, and has been unreliable in other claims she has made. And third, Gist is eager to have the video released while Ravitch so far has not given her consent. It sounds like Ravitch has more to hide.

Let’s see the video. And if Ravitch does not allow it, we can assume what the video contains.

Some people struggle with fame.  It goes to their head.

I hope this isn't what happened here.

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