Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tactics like this break the trust in public schools

There is a struggle going on across the country at all levels of government to decide if we will put our finances in order. 

Austin Hill's recent column The Feds, The Economy, Your State And Your School Board details one approach government schools take to retain their high funding:

Your local school district may be the exception, and its collective behavior may be entirely “above the board.” But the sad reality for teachers, students, and parents, is simply this: in the face of tight budgets, most local school boards across the nation would rather fire teachers, than reign-in other school district expenses. The reason for this is simple: when teachers lose their jobs, students suffer – and “student suffering” gets parents and other voters in the mood for a tax increase.
Stop and think about that for a minute.  Rather to rein in questionable programs and salaries, those supporting public schools play games by laying off teachers with the hopes they can push tax payers into allowing higher taxes.


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