Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Solid State Drives fail often

Jeff Atwood reports that while Solid State Drives fail often, many completely dying within a year, the performance is so amazing that tit is worth the huge performance improvement for the added risk.

I have been thinking about getting a computer with SSD.  I guess I would just have to be extra careful to backup all important data.


abba12 said...

The thing is, it's not the drive that's the problem as such. Programs are optimized for platters, and write and re-write a lot of things to make optimal use of the platters. Obviously this isn't nececary with a SSD, but also in the nature of a SSD is that it can't handle the constant re-writing. Eventually programs will optimise for them, but for now, the constant re-writing put in for platter systems destroys SSDs.

Fatcat said...

Hey, when are you all going to write a book called "why homeschool?" with all these cool articles and statistics in it that I can give to my friend to convince her to homeschool ... her son will be 5 in September so you all better hurry. :-D

Henry Cate said...

abba12 - you are correct. This is a problem for SSD. I think over time technology will improve the robustness of SSD.

Fatcat - I am afraid it may never come out. I haven't really thought it about it for a year or two. There is so much to do and only so much I can delegate to my daughters. :-)