Monday, May 02, 2011

Sad news of the day

Most of Kyle Olson's column Americans Discern Correctly Public Schools are Poor “Investment” is a fairly standard summary of the problems with public schools in the US.

One of the last paragraphs really hit me:

But our education system is graduating many students who are lacking in basic skills. The number of college freshmen who have to take remedial English and math classes just to get up to academic speed is an indictment of the entire system. “Kids Aren’t Cars” told the story of a graduate who couldn’t read his own diploma.

Friday Janine picked up two foster care children.  These boys are ages two and three.  Frequently the three-year-old will receit the alphabet song.  He loves to point out letters he sees.  And when we drive he often will tell use that the red signs we see at "Stop" signs.  At age three he is already on his way to reading.  The vast majority of children can learn to read.  It is a sign of how broken the government schools are that we have much lower literacy rates than we had a hundred years ago.

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