Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Morality of Profit

I like this video:

Hat tip: Miazagora via Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Great video! I love Ayn Rand. Unfortunately, the large private businesses have to hire lobbyists to help them convince (or pay off?) Congress to pass or not pass legislation that will help their businesses. It's a sad state of affairs when corporations and government are so enmeshed. A completely free market is the only environment for moral, voluntary trade.


Luke said...

Foundational ideas with which I agree: Voluntary exchange that produces value for both parties is good and charity from profits is good. Absolutely. The difficulty arises when we begin to see just how easily corrupted and how difficult it is to maintain true voluntary exchange in a pure form. Monopolies, prostitution and the origin of unions would be examples of instances where things may appear to be voluntarily exchanged but the situation is actually not nearly as free (or moral, or beneficial) as it appears. Fascinating stuff!