Friday, May 27, 2011

Looks like Utah is getting ready to take on the TSA

Texas was about to challenge the TSA, and backed down.  There are ten other states which are considering taking action against the agressive pat-downs done by TSA agents.

Utah’s Upcoming Opportunity to Uphold the Fourth and Oppose the TSA explains that Utah is joining this movement:

Texas has shown leadership in standing up to the TSA and protecting the right of innocent individuals to travel without being molested by a government agent. As was documented in an article on the national TAC site a couple of days ago, the state has unfortunately capitulated as a result of a direct threat from the federal government.

But as that article explains, Texas is not alone, nor is this war against invasive searches and seizures over. In fact, it’s just beginning. We revealed in that article that at least ten states will be considering related legislation. Today we can announce that Utah will be one of those states entering the fray.

Hopefully some sense can prevail and American citizens can stop being treated like criminals.

Hat tip:  Boycott Flying

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