Tuesday, May 03, 2011

An interesting claim: Islam fears Bollywood

This is an interesting thought about who Islam is really scared of:

Hat tip: Instapundit


Jean said...

Oh yes, I completely agree with this commentator. She had an article a month or so ago, and this interview is pretty much the same message only with a song! I think she has some really excellent points. Also I adore Bollywood movies. :)

Shah Rukh Khan, for example, is the most famous movie star in the entire world. He's in a lot of Bollywood movies. He's Muslim, and he's married IRL to a Hindu, and he frequently plays Hindu roles in his movies. Sometimes his movies have a message of peace between Muslims and Hindus (Veer-Zaara is an excellent example; he plays a Hindu who falls in love with a Muslim Pakistani girl). IMO all this carries a powerful message.

So yeah, Bollywood is to radical Islam as blue jeans and rock-n-roll was to the USSR. (Sort of.) Peace, love, and bhangra! :D

Henry Cate said...

Do you have any recommendations? I haven't see a Bollywood movie and think it would be fun. But the few movies I've checked out were not in English.