Thursday, May 05, 2011

Good news: Mississippi Supreme Court Overrules Judge Seeking Homeschoolers’ Information

Good news: Mississippi Supreme Court Overrules Judge Seeking Homeschoolers’ Information:

Good news for Mississippi homeschoolers: The state Supreme Court has vacated a judge’s order seeking the names and addresses of all homeschoolers in his jurisdiction.

Judge Joe Dale Walker of the 13th Chancery District Court had issued a court order on March 24 demanding that school attendance officers within his five-county jurisdiction provide him with the names and addresses of all homeschooled students and parents in their districts.

The order appears to have been not the result of an actual case brought before the court but merely a means by which Walker thought he could compel attendance officers to supply him with information he desired — information that both the attendance officers and the state Department of Education had told him could not be legally supplied absent a court order. WorldNetDaily reported that Walker was so intent on obtaining this data that he threatened to have noncompliant attendance officers arrested for contempt of court.

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Mrs. Dani said...

What I REALLY want to know is

1- Why the jugdge wanted the info

2- How he thought he could legally demand this info.

The courts will not release his answer to the court as to why he wanted the info in the first place. To be honest, this is realy scary that a judge, who is supose to be intrusted with protecting people and enforcing the law, would try to pull this and then thinks he owes no explaination to the public.