Monday, May 02, 2011

Good homeschooling news from Tennessee

Bill to ease homeschool restrictions gets support reports:

Legislation revising state law on homeschools will remove a current requirement that parent-teachers have a college degree in some cases and repeal the present penalty for failing to register a homeschooled child on time.

The Republican sponsors of SB1468, Sen. Mike Bell of Riceville and Rep. Bill Dunn of Knoxville, say the measure basically conforms the law - which has not had a major rewrite since 1985 - with "current practice" in homeschooling.

Some Democrats voiced skepticism about repealing the degree and penalty provisions in committee hearings, but wound up supporting the bill after hearing explanations.

Current law requires a homeschool teacher to have a high school diploma for teaching grades kindergarten through eight and a college bachelor's degree for grades nine through 12. The bill allows teaching for all grades with a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Part of me wonders how politicians think about teachers who might have a degree but fail to teach?

In general children who are homeschooled do as well or better than children in government schools.  Going after the small few who maybe aren't as good always seems like politicians are chasing after the mote of homeschoolers rather than focusing on the beam of public schools.  (Check Matthew 7:3)

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Eric H said...

The vast majority of TN homeschoolers are legally classified as "Category IV private" school students operating as satellites of umbrella schools that usually have a brick-and-mortar operation as well. These particular private schools are not required to have a BS degree to teach grades 9-12. The college degree and registration changes mostly affect the legally-defined "independent homeschoolers" in our state. Sen. Bell and Rep. Dunn are a couple of the truly good guys and they understand the issue because they have homeschooled themselves.

Henry Cate said...

Eric, thanks for the information. I hope Senator Bell and Representative Dunn can make process.

Melanie said...

HSLDA is about to have a free at home e-vent that members can register for on July 21st I think discussing this more in detail.

Melanie said...

HSLDA is about to have a free (to memebers) at home e-vent discussing this in detail. It lasts an hour. I think it is July 21st. Go to their site to check it out.

Melanie said...

HSLDA has a free event for members discussing the new TN legislation. I believe I registered for it for July 21st.